Real-time streaming visibility.

The sensor networks we develop provide real-time streaming visibility into your business' most valuable information.


Our flexible design approach allows us to tailor a customized and scalable sensor network solution for your specific requirements across a wide range of industries.


Spatially distributed mesh networks with built-in network redundancy mean you never have to worry about losing any valuable business information.


Our mission is to provide IoT solutions that not only improve your business processes, reduce operational costs and drive profitability, but at the same time reduce the environmental impact to create a more sustainable world.

We use the latest IoT technologies in a smart way and integrate these into solutions that achieve those objectives.


IoT Network Connectivity

Integrate any device into a wireless sensor backbone network with backhaul connectivity options to suit your data traffic demands.

IoT Solution Integration

From sensor to cloud, we deliver the data you need to optimize your business operations.

Custom Network Design

Custom sensor and network communications design solutions tailored to your specific application

Data Management

Management of your valuable business data assets in a secure and efficient way.

Platform Development

Keep track of your network devices with easy integration into our cloud platform.

IoT Product Design

We will work with you in developing your own unique IoT product solution

IoT applications

The WolfWireless backbone IoT sensor and communications network can easily be deployed in the following industries.

Stay connected in a better way

Our proprietary and modular backbone network enables us to easily adapt to your particular application. No interoperability headaches, just plug and play.


Operating in the sub-GHz spectrum, our network is built for IoT, offering long-range with reliable coverage, configurable data rates and secure data transmission

Mission critical

Our ability to stream data in real-time makes our network suitable for applications where instant and fast decision making is critical.

Self-healing and energy harvesting

The nodes in our self-healing mesh network harvest energy through solar, so little or no network maintenance is required.


Whether you need a network of sensors, single node monitoring solution or data logging capability, the modularity of our node design allows for easy integration and migration to different applications

Any sensor to any platform

Connect any sensor to any cloud visualisation and analytics platform made easy by our modular approach.

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